What Are The Health Benefits of Magnesium?

Magnesium is good for insomnia.
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What are the health benefits of Magnesium? Should You Take Magnesium supplements?

If you want to stay healthy and fit, then it’s important to have a diet filled with nutrients and healthy compounds. Adding Magnesium to your diet is a very good idea since this mineral is crucial for your body’s wellbeing. It’s one of those minerals that you can acquire from a vast range of sources, and it will make it easy for you to boost your metabolic power.

Why Do People Take Magnesium Supplements?

People that consume less than the required amount of magnesium can encounter a variety of health problems. They will end up having higher inflammation markers, which will eventually lead to cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and many problems. If you have a lot amount of Magnesium in your body, then this can be one of the causes behind osteoporosis.

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When Will a Magnesium Deficiency Appear?

Magnesium deficiency shows up in different ways from person to person, but there are situations when people are prone to have such a deficiency. If you have Crohn’s Disease, kidney disease, parathyroid issues, a history of alcohol abuse, diabetes, cancer, or if you’re an older adult, the chances of having a Magnesium deficiency can be very high. This is why it makes a lot of sense to figure out which is the best magnesium supplement and get it as quickly as possible.

Magnesium benefits

What Are The Health Benefits of Magnesium?

Magnesium is an essential mineral.

Magnesium is very important to sustain many bodily functions. It helps you treat or even prevent things like diabetes, migraine, heart problems, Alzheimer’s, and many others. It’s a very good idea to take a magnesium supplement because it will help eliminate many health issues naturally and without any issues.

Start increasing your magnesium today whether through food or supplements! You will feel better and many essential functions will improve!

Improved Bone Health

Magnesium as well as calcium are both known for helping your bones stay strong. In fact, magnesium will help boost bone density and increase the bone crystal formation process in the long run. It also leads to a lower risk of osteoporosis, something that you need to take into consideration.

Fighting Depression

Another thing to note about magnesium is the fact that it can help you lower the risks of depression. The higher amount of magnesium in your diet will make you less prone to depression and the payoff can be incredible. It will help you focus more on positive things, while also eliminating depression naturally and with great success.

Boosting Exercise Performance

Magnesium helps you” transfer” the blood sugar into your muscles for better workout performance. On top of that, it also helps you eliminate lactate buildup. The lactic acid buildup is what causes sore muscles. Magnesium can also be great for the elderly and people with chronic diseases who want to exercise. You will lower the stress hormone and insulin levels. As we know, insulin is the fat-storage hormone.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

One of the best things about magnesium is that it also has anti-inflammatory properties too. That means you will be able to prevent aging naturally, all while keeping chronic disease and obesity away. It’s also important to note that because of its anti-inflammatory properties, magnesium will make it easy to lower the insulin levels and blood sugar levels very quickly.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure

It’s imperative to keep your blood pressure under control. The higher the blood pressure is, the higher the chances of dealing with a heart attack or similar problems. It’s imperative to add magnesium as a daily supplement to your diet. It will help you lower the blood pressure pretty fast, so it’s one of the best options to take into consideration.

Fewer Migraines

With help from magnesium, you will find it a lot easier to prevent migraines. We all know that migraines are bad for our health. Migraines make us feel very bad and our productivity is ruined. Thankfully, magnesium supplements can help you with that, and you will have results.

The Best Form of Magnesium

You might think that there’s a single type of Magnesium, but that’s not the case. There are a variety of different magnesium options on the market, you just need to find the one that suits your needs:

  • Magnesium citrate is a type of Magnesium combined with citric acid. This is a very common formulation and you can buy it online at most pharmacies. It’s a good way to increase your magnesium levels naturally. You can also use it as a calming agent.
  • Magnesium orotate has orotic acid. This is a compound used for the construction of genetic material like DNA. This is great if you want to boost your heart health naturally.
  • Magnesium glycinate combines Magnesium with glycine, an amino acid that helps with protein construction. It’s very good if you want to sleep better, prevent diabetes, or treat heart issues naturally.
  • Magnesium sulfate combines oxygen, sulfur, and Magnesium, and it’s also known as Epsom salt. You can use it for treating sore muscles, for stress relief or even constipation
  • Magnesium L-Threonate adds threonic acid to Magnesium. It’s very easy to absorb, and it helps the brain.
  • Magnesium taurate is extremely helpful when it comes to helping you maintain the right blood sugar levels. Since it contains taurine, it will help you maintain the right blood pressure naturally.
  • Magnesium malate has malic acid, which you can usually find in wine and fruit. It’s very good for dealing with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Magnesium can help you exercise

  • Magnesium lactate includes lactic acid too, it can be used as a food additive. However, it’s very good if you want to acquire a good magnesium intake every day. It’s also known for helping treat anxiety and stress naturally.
  • Magnesium chloride is basically magnesium salt with some chlorine. It’s a good supplement for those people that want to deal with constipation, heartburn, or if you just need a Magnesium level boost.
  • Magnesium oxide has oxygen and magnesium. It’s not the best for treating Magnesium deficiencies, but it will help with constipation, migraines, digestive symptoms, and so on.

Which Magnesium is Best?

It all comes down to why you are taking Magnesium supplements in the first place. If you want to deal with muscle soreness and need more energy, then Magnesium malate is the better option. Magnesium threonate will be good for improving your brain functions and memory.

If you need to handle situations like constipation, then you may want to go with Magnesium oxide. General Magnesium supplements can still be ok, but you may need a very specific type of Magnesium if you need specialized benefits.

In case you want to relax, go for Magnesium citrate, it’s really good and it has calming properties. But for those of us that need a quick Magnesium boost, the Magnesium chloride is the better option since it’s quickly absorbed by your body. Magnesium oil is made from magnesium chloride.

Magnesium sulfate is good for detox, whereas Magnesium glycinate is the better one for sleep.

How much Magnesium do you need every day?

For kids up to 1-3 years, you will need 80 mg. 4 to 8 years will need 130 mg/day, and 9 to 14 will require 240 mg.

Females 14-18 years can consume 360 mg/day, if you’re from 18 to 30 you can go with 310 mg/day, and if you’re over 31 then you will be good with 320 mg/day.

During pregnancy, you may be able to go up to 350-400 mg/day.

Men need 410 mg if you’re 14-18 years, 400 mg/day if you’re 19 to 31 and anything over will be ok with 420 mg/day. As you can see, there is quite a difference in the necessary magnesium every day, and the results can be quite impressive if you stick to the treatment.

Best Magnesium Supplement

What magnesium supplement should you choose? There are many of them out there, and they usually bring in a whole lot of marketing with them. But in the end, it’s important to know what products are known for delivering the best value for money. Here are some of the best choices.

These are all a great way to access the right amount of magnesium, and the supplements come with no side effects. It’s still ok to talk with the doctor before you pick any magnesium supplement, just to be safe.

Magnesium is good for insomnia.


We recommend you to include any source of magnesium in your diet, as it will help you a lot. It’s a very good way to improve your body’s metabolism, and at the same time, you will feel better, sleep without interruptions, and boost your energy levels. Don’t hesitate and give these amazing magnesium supplements a try, they can be well worth the effort! The health benefits of magnesium are enormous.


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