5 Tips For Toothache Relief

Toothache pain tips
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Toothache is a problem that most people do not bother about until they begin to experience it. Once it is felt, people like to do anything to stop it.

5 Tips for Toothache Relief

Tooth pain is generally excruciating and can result from many causes, such as poor dental habits, stress, having too cold beverages, catching a cold and more. In most cases, a constant shooting, throbbing or sharp pain is experienced. Unless the tooth is treated properly, it has to be extracted. Here are some easy tips for toothache relief.


Peppermint and clove oils can provide you with immediate relief from toothache. Both oils have a natural ability to kill pain and can offer instant relief from toothache.

You can buy these from any store and have to apply only a small amount onto the affected tooth with a cotton bud. Take care that the oil is not applied on the tongue or gum, as it will lead to a burning sensation immediately.

Such oils should be in the first aid kits of parents of kids who suffer from toothache problems.

Wheat Grass

The juice of wheatgrass serves as a powerful mouthwash and can be used to cure tooth decay and aches. You can even chew Wheat Grass and get fantastic results. It can remove toxins from dental gums, and keep the growth of bacteria in check.

Tips for toothache pain


You can make a fantastic toothache remedy by mixing ¼ tsp common salt with a pinch of pepper powder. When you use it every day, it can help you to prevent toothaches, painful gums, bleeding gums, foul breath, dental cavities and more.

It can help cure heightened dental sensitivity problems. You may even mix clove oil with a pinch of pepper powder and apply it onto the affected cavities to get fast relief from toothache.

Pepper has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic properties.


Newest studies have verified that onion possesses bactericidal properties. When you have a raw onion each day by masticating it while eating, you can be kept safe from many types of tooth diseases.

Chew raw onion for 3 minutes, and it will be enough to destroy all the oral germs. Often, tooth pain can be alleviated by putting a small onion piece on the affected gum or tooth.


Lime is packed in Vitamin C, which is beneficial for maintaining the health of bones and teeth. It can prevent loosening and decay of teeth, bleeding of gums, toothache, and dental caries. The magic is in the toothache.


Oral care is very important. According to Nurse Phyllis, poor oral care is a cause of heart disease. If you are having tooth pain, you probably have a cavity. You need to immediately see a dentist.

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Phyllis Robinson MSN, RN is a Registered Nurse of 27 years. Phyllis is passionate about the prevention and healing of heart disease using traditional and alternative methods. She has experience in emergency room, telemetry, infusion, and critical care. Phyllis currently practices in an intensive care unit.

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